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Member Profile: Mindful Evolutions

June 27, 2024 6:55 AM | Anonymous

Feature article and photos by Addie Rainbolt, intern, Grain Valley Chamber of Commerce

Mindful Evolutions has brought the trending art of Pilates to Grain Valley, MO, allowing its citizens to experience this fun way to exercise alongside fellow community members.

Christy Cater, owner of Mindful Evolutions, said Pilates is a unique way to move your body that is beneficial for everyone, regardless of age or skill level.

Nevertheless, beginning a new fitness journey may be intimidating, so Cater offers her expertise to guide clients through this journey.

Because many people do not know what Pilates is, Cater tells beginners that some of the moves are similar to those involved in gymnastics and martial arts.

“Pilates targets the core and spine,” Cater added, which supports overall body strength.

Cater quoted a common saying that after one Pilates session, you feel a change and after ten Pilates sessions, you see a change.

While this may not be accurate for all clients, Cater said that after one Pilates session, clients begin to carry themselves differently because they feel muscles working that they did not even know they had.

People who practice Pilates “train our body to work the small muscles that support the big ones,” Cater said. In other words, people who practice Pilates are creating a support system within their bodies. This support system makes even the little, daily tasks easier, Cater explained.

Noticing these daily tasks getting easier “makes [people] feel like they're turning back time,” Cater said.

At Mindful Evolutions, each new client begins with two 55-minute introductory solo sessions for $98 total, Cater said..

These introductory sessions allow clients to get familiar and comfortable with Pilates while allowing Cater to see what each client needs physically and mentally on their Pilates journey.

According to Cater, after these two introductory sessions, clients can either continue with solo sessions for $90 per session or join a group session for $28 per session. Duet sessions are also available; two duet sessions cost $84 for each client. All sessions are 55 minutes long. Clients have a 12-hour cancellation window.

Group sessions are capped at six people, so Cater can maintain an intimate and personalized Pilates experience for each client. This small class size allows clients to “feel like they matter,” Cater said.

This intimate Pilates experience also sets Mindful Evolutions apart from other Pilates studios or gyms, Cater said, because she intentionally prioritizes each individual’s story. Through this story, Cater is guiding, supporting and keeping her clients accountable.

Cater likes to begin every class with a transitional stretch sequence to get her clients’ minds in the right place, ready to move their bodies intentionally and further their physical and mental fitness.

Cater said she enjoys being “an impactful piece of the healing journey for people of all different ages through Pilates.”

“Whether you are 18 or 80,” Cater said, Pilates is beneficial because it targets form, breath and core connection.

Cater recalled her own discovery of Pilates, “When I found Pilates, there were women that were twice my age doing things I couldn't do.”

Cater said she not only wanted to be able to do those things, but she also enjoyed the “quiet and intimate” nature of Pilates.

After practicing Pilates, “I started to see my core change and I started to feel stronger,” Cater said. “I just fell in love with it.”

Considering her own story, Cater said she strives to lead Pilates sessions that she would want to take.

Cater also recollected one of her clients saying, “this is not exercise, this is fun.”

Pilates “is hard and you do sweat; you do get sore,” Cater said, “but it's just a different way of moving and it is fun.”

Mindful Evolutions is located at 117 SW Eagles Pkwy in Grain Valley. Hours are by appointment.




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